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Welcome to the ocean!

Interested in starting a saltwater aquarium but not sure where to start?


3RMAS is here for you! There are many excellent resources available for beginner enthusiasts, and we've gathered the best ones here for you. From new tank shopping lists to resources on which fish get along best, pests in the aquarium, and advanced gear guides, we are here to make this process simple for you!  We firmly believe that this hobby is accessible to everyone in regards to knowledge and skills.

Some of these resources overlap but we are here to guide you and give you as much information as possible without overwhelming you, so please reach out if you have questions about the hobby or have a vision of your future aquarium and need help making it come true! We have also included a saltwater aquarium buying guide/checklist for you!

BRS's '52 Weeks of Reefing' is an incredible guide for setting up (week by week) your new reef aquarium. They discuss and give you advice on how to initially set up your tank, discuss equipment needed, how to tackle any minor issues, as well as how to stock your tank with new friends (of the aquatic variety!) This series, as it's named, has 52 videos highlighting different areas of the reefkeeping hobby. A great deal of reef enthusiasts today swear by this guide! 

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Reef2Reef is an incredible forum and resource for reef keeping enthusiasts! Click the image to be taken to the forums.

New Aquarium Buying Guide

Looking to start in the hobby but you don't know where to even begin with acquiring supplies? We've got you!

Bulk Reef Supply ('BRS') has a really handy shopping list for any new tanks you're looking at setting up. While keeping a saltwater aquarium can involve certain expenses, there are definitely ways to make sure you're taking care of your tank properly without having to refinance your house! See the list below! Also, please contact us if you have any questions or would like some advice - we are happy to help!

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